This is from the best in me to help you discover what brings out the best in you.

A couple years ago, I was feeling drained and unfulfilled.

I was doing a lot of what I thought I “SHOULD" be doing and not enough of what energized me. And, then I made Flowful to find out more about myself. After a hiatus, when I reverted back to my old habits of doing what I “SHOULD" be doing, I realized that THIS was what I really WANTED to do. So, I re-thought what really energized me and am diving head-first into building this tool.

Flowful can help individuals eager to learn more about themselves. And, I have a feeling that it will be even more powerful in conjunction with therapists and coaches who can work with their clients to interpret their results and leverage their findings to make positive life changes.

What do you think?

Here's How It Works

Track your happiness at various moments of your life to discover what activites and environments bring you up or down.

Schedule When You Want To Track

Set your own schedule and tracking frequency. You can choose to track one segment of your life, or your full day. Based on your settings, we'll send you text message reminders to report your updates.

Report Your Happiness On The Go

Log quick and simple updates. Just click the link in your scheduled text message reminders and record your "Flowlog" updates on your mobile phone. Choose to suspend or restart your tracking by text at any time.

Discover What Makes You Tick

Learn about the activities, environments and people that bring out the best of you. Use the insights on your Flowful dashboard to discover the small changes that you can make to significantly improve your overall happiness.

What I Learned

I found that it took me about 30-days of daily Flowful use to get a good read on myself. I know that sounds a bit long. Truth be told, I started to see some interesting things within the first few days and definitely by the end of the first week, once I started to get in the...flow of making updates.

Here’s what things started to look like for me...

Within two weeks it became clear that I was pretty happy building Flowful, but not totally fulfilled. My level of happiness while coding plateaued around 8 out of 10.

In taking some time to think about it, I realized that although I could get into a groove while coding, I needed to get out and interact with people using the product for my work to feel exciting and purposeful.

After building time into my schedule to interact with users and doing another two weeks of Flowful tracking, I was able to move from feeling mildly contented by my work to coming home energized and fulfilled at the end of the day.

What's Next?

Now that you know a little bit more about Flowful, I'd like to more formally invite you to our upcoming pilot tests with a small group of coaches, therapists, and interested individuals.

Would you like to join?

OR, are you're interested in chatting about your tactics for living a joyful and fulfilled life?

I'd love to hear from you at: